I’ve wondered recently why I enjoy photography so much. I can remember being intrigued by a Brownie camera as a kid. It seemed like “magic” to be able to point it at a subject and get a picture. Not like the “magic” of the digital age; being able to take the picture and see and assess it seconds later. The digital age “captures” one in a different way…from histograms to post processing. Capturing images as one travels, attempting to catch the vibrantly colored sunrise…looking into the eyes of a leopard…to be able to “remember” these moments and share them with others. There’s something very appealing about this activity.

It is my hope I can develop my photographic technique/skills/craft so that I may expand my creativity to express my images in diverse ways. My objective is to explore many ways to capture and present the digital image in the coming years.

My tools consist of Nikon digital equipment, the Nikon D800 and recently the D4 and various Nikkor lenses. Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom are in my digital darkroom.

My objective is to present my images here in a user friendly manner. Please feel free to let me know any suggestions to improve on this. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting!